Sunday, January 6, 2013

Censorship and the RadFems

The following has been copied in it's entirety from: Venture Philosophy by Naomi

Please note that I agree in full with the points made by the author of this blog post and strongly object to YouTube's censorship of the video, based on false complaints by skanks who can't handle a little disagreement or difference of opinion. I have uploaded the censored video to my YouTube account, as have others, in protest of this censorship.

Women are not fragile, delicate little flowers that have to be protected from evil. At least I'm not and nor are the many Freethinking feminists that I know. We are perfectly capable of standing up on our own, in our own right and engaging in rational debate irrespective of the claims of the RadFems who seem to need to hide behind demogoguery and sleazy tactics in order to impose their particularly bigoted world view on the rest of us.

I support women's rights and have stood up on the issues facing women from a very young age. I never bought the RadFem bullshit when it was initially introduced in the 1980s. It was destructive to the women's movement then and continues to be now. 

Feel free to compare the Scum Manifesto to the Schroeder's Rapist Manifesto and tell me how they're different in nature.

Naomi's blog post from Venture Philosophy:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The American Mothers Political Party is a Hate Group. Not only do they spew hatred towards men, but they also commit acts of censorship. I am a recent victim of these angry harpies. Bill Windsor recently discussed some horrid e-mails these women were sending him. He openly discussed the stalking on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. His Youtube video is linked below. These bitter women called him everything from a pedophile, rape enabler, pervert, and money hungry bastard whose greatest desire in life is to drink the blood of babes. These women are insane. I  am a friend of Bill Windsor. I am proud of his work, and proud that I was able to help him in his mission to uncover corruption in the United States Courts. He is not a misogynist. He speaks for mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

I made a video entitled "American Mothers Political Party is a Hate Group." In that video, I did two things. First, I discussed some public comments some individuals were leaving on Facebook. These comments are for anyone to see. Second, I asked my viewers to sign a White House Petition calling on our president to help us fight corruption within the government.

When I put the video up Wednesday, the women had it flagged and pulled. I appealed the decision. The video was reviewed and YouTube reposted it to my channel last night. I was happy, I won, I thought that it was over. Wrong.

Five minutes ago, I went to upload a new video and discovered that I couldn't. The reason? The women flagged the same video a second time. I have just appealed it for a second time. Probably tomorrow or the day after I will find out if YouTube will agree with me for the second time that it does not violate any terms of service. It is a real pain because I cannot use my YouTube account until YouTube reposts the video.

I would like to ask my viewers, and all people against radical feminism to help me teach these cry babies a lesson about internet censorship. Below is a MediaFire Link. Please download my video, and re-upload it to your YouTube channel. These women may be able to censor me - but they will not be able to censor all of you.

I would also like to add, that in all of the things I have said against Feminism and the MRA - not once did any Men's Right Group stoop so low as to pull a video they did not like. They came here to the comment section and spoke their mind. They did not pull a cowardly move like this.